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The PMI-ACP® Certification


Taking your Career to the Next Level*: Agile Project Management Certifications

PMI-ACP®: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner

Agile practices and approaches are becoming more and more relevant and applied in organizations each day. When it comes to Agile (and beyond), the PMI-ACP certification signals professionalism, experience, technical knowledge, and affiliation with a network of over 16,000 certified experts with a unified terminology, methodological understanding, and situative intelligence.

* CIO Magazine, 06-2017

The PMP certification is difficult to optain, unless the candidate gets the right support.Our Service Proposition

We actively attend students beyond the professional training during exam application and preparation. We answer questions and help resolving problems that may turn up, using our experience in PMI-ACP preparation and our up-to-date knowledge as PMI insiders. We finally lead candidates to exam success.

Please inquire for details at or use our contact form.


The Value of Certification for Project Business Management

A core asset for...

The PMI-ACP certification enhances the subject matter authority of the person managing the project supply network (PSN), especially regarding agile aspects.
The PMI-ACP certification helps corporations build confidence when it comes to agile topics,  win the lucrative customer projects, and become well-paid contractors.
more... more...

Hands-On Exercises and Deepened Learning Experience with Agile Games

Retrospective techniques and exercises help seminar participants grasp the theoretical concepts much better and address different learning channels.

They also help them transfer the knowledge to their practical environments and give incentives for team-building and practicing serious concepts while interacting with the class.

Last but not least, they help the trainer assess their level of knowledge and satisfaction and adjust course if needed - in the true agile spirit.

Language Options

While the PMI-ACP exam is done in English language, students receive support to understand the concepts well in advance:

- Translation of the PMBOK® Guide

- Translation of the Scrum Guide

- Terminology help

A certain proficiency in English is required for passing the exam. Please enquire for details:

Reasons for PMI-ACP Certification of Project Managers

The PMI-ACP credential is a very powerful signal of experience, knowledge, and professionalism of an agile project practitioner:

  1. It is globally recognized and accepted.
  2. It is backed by Project Management Institute (PMI®), the global association of app. 500,000 project managers in 207 countries (as of 07-2017).
  3. PMI ensures quality and fairness in the exam design, content, and delivery.
  4. The process to become PMI-ACP certified is an undertaking of its own, which increases a person's ability to successfully lead and manage projects.
  5. The letters “PMI-ACP” after a project manager's name — especially in conjunction with "PMP" — give the person and the employing organization a strong business advantage at comparatively low costs.
    (A PMP certification is no prerequisite for the PMI-ACP, but the knowledge associated with it can help with passing this exam as well.)


How to Book Us as Trainers
  • 1 to 3 students:
    Book a seat in a public PMI-ACP seminar (seminar dates to be announced soon)
  • 3 or more students:
    Enquire for a corporate seminar at
The PMI-ACP Exam Preparation Class (3 days)

The PMI-ACP exam preparation class delivers 21 contact hours of project management education, typically in a 3 day classroom setting.

It is aligned with the PMI-ACP examination content outline and satisfies PMI's training requirement for exam eligibility. It is furthermore fine-tuned to give students a great learning experience and the best chances to pass the exam on the first attempt with a boost in proficiency and knowledge.

Target audience:

Agile project practitioners who meet PMI's prerequisites on practical experience (see below). 


English, German


  1. Public classes at training providers (details to be announced soon)
  2. In-house/on-site in your organization (please enquire at:

Standard seminar schedule:

1st day:  09:00am - 05:00pm; 7h
  1. Warm-up, introduction of the attendees and the trainer
  2. Basics on PMI, the preparation process, and the exam application
  3. Lunch (1h)
  4. Recap of important PMBOK® Guide concepts
  5. Agile Principles and Mindset
2nd day:  09:00am - 05:00pm; 7h
  1. Value-Driven Delivery
  2. Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Lunch (1h)
  4. Team Performance
  5. Adaptive Planning
3rd day:  09:00am - 05:00pm; 7h
  1. Problem Detection and Resolution
  2. Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)
  3. Lunch (1h)
  4. Special Focus: Scrum
  5. Sample Questions, Exam Prep Exercises & Agile Games
  6. The Next Steps after the Seminar

Note: Seminar hours can be adapted to specific needs.

Please enquire for details:

Which Materials Support PMI-ACP Preparation Studies?

These will be the most important documents that help process the knowledge obtained in the seminar and finally pass the PMI-ACP exam:

Further recommendations:

  • Sample questions; links and recommendations will be given during the seminar

* The PMBOK® Guide is one of several PMI-ACP exam sources. On September 6, 2017, the new PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition has been published along with the Agile Practice Guide. It has more content related to agile practices than the 5th Edition, which is why both documents are a highly recommended download for PMI-ACP aspirants, giving them orientation as to what PMI wants to focus on when it comes to agile topics. Personalized PDF downloads are free for PMI members.

** Please note that there are some differences in interpretations, rules, descriptions, and approaches between various organizations and communities working to standardize Agile practices. These will be discussed in detail during the seminar.

Please enquire for details: 


Bundle PMI-ACP with Scrum Master Certification Preparation (5 days)

Another option is to bundle the seminar with the preparation for the Scrum Master certification. This has the benefit that attendees learn the agile principles and values and in addition Scrum as the most popular individual agile method.

The bundle is in addition beneficial for attendees who do not yet have the prerequisites for the PMI-ACP (see below) and allows them to attain a valued, more specialized certification right now.

Please enquire for details:


Requirements for exam eligibility:


  PMI-ACP Eligibility Requirements
  Without PMP certification With PMP certification
Training 21 contact hours
(verified with the seminar certificate)
21 contact hours
(verified with the seminar certificate)
Minimum education attained Secondary degree
(high school diploma, associate's degree or global equivalent)
Secondary degree
(high school diploma, associate's degree or global equivalent)
Minimum time working in project environments 2,000 hours
(working on project teams, earned over min. 12 months during the last 5 years)

Minimum time working in agile environments

1,500 hours
(working on agile project teams, earned over min. 8 months during the last 3 years)

1,500 hours
(working on agile project teams, earned over min. 8 months during the last 3 years)



Min. 21 PDUs (depending on seminar duration, details upon request)

Detailed requirements are listed in the PMI-ACP Handbook.

In the case of an audit, meaning an assessment of the data made in the exam application by Project Management Institute (PMI), a contact person has to be named. This person can be a manager, a project sponsor / customer, or similar. See LinkedIn article "How to Make Your PMP Application Pass" for PMP - audit procedures for PMI-ACP are similar.

Please enquire for details:

Strategy for Studying

For exam preparation (60 hrs are recommended), attendance of a preparation seminar followed by mentored, self-directed learning has proven to be a good strategy. This means that exam applicants use literature, apps, and podcasts about the topic, attend further seminars and more to prepare themselves for the exam date — and will be able to refer to their trainer as a mentor during that time.

The way to the PMI-ACP certification (suggestion)

Recommended learning path

PMP Examen - Testcenter, das die Prüfung abnimmtPMI-ACP Examination Dates

There are no fixed dates for the PMI-ACP certification examination.

After receiving the "Letter of Eligibility" by Project Management Institute, candidates can book individual appointments for the exam on PMI's website or directly with the exam-hosting company Pearson VUE.

The photo shows a testing center.

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