PDU Workshops

(To maintain the certification status)

Collecting and Registering PDUs at PMI

Project managers who are certified at PMI are required to register PDUs (Professional Development Units) to get their status renewed every three years.

Holders of PMI's most popular certificate, the PMP, for example, must register 60 PDUs in three years to renew the status.

There are various ways to collect these PDUs. A highly effective way are employer-sponsored regular workshops with a typical duration between 3 hours and a full day. Each hour of workshop earns one PDU.

Using Workshops to Collect PDUs 

PDU workshops

We conduct these workshops for organizations. They can take place online (over Zoom, Teams, or other platforms) or on-site.

Calculation example:

A series of 10 workshops, each with a duration of six hours and performed every other month can earn a holder of a PMP certificate the required 60 PDUs in 1½ years.

Popular PDU workshop contents (among others):

  • Situational approaches to project management
  • Running customer projects as profit centers
  • Methods of risk management
  • Lesser known traditional and agile methods
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge tools 

Another common PDU workshop content:

Participants report their own experiences. They discuss challenges they are facing and solutions they could implement.

How to report workshop PDUs to PMI:

  1. Log in at https://www.pmi.org 
  2. Go to https://ccrs.pmi.org/
  3. Select "PDUs - Report PDUs" from the menu.
  4. Select "Course or training".

Fill in the fields on topic, date, provider, and education area and submit your claim.

Self-Sponsored PDUs

For certified professionals who self-sponsor their PDU activities: Here are three articles published on LinkedIn on how to collect PDUs without breaking the bank: 

Easy PDU Collection

#1: Read and Review Books (here)
#2: Research Project Management Literature (here)
#3: Online Media – Webinars, Online Conferences, Podcasts, PM Games (here)