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When Project Management Is Not Enough

The significance of project business as a contributor of income for companies is growing. Today, project business is the driving factor for innovation, national wealth, and the global economy.

As a result, the number of people who are involved with it is also growing fast. However, to succeed in project business, professionals must learn new skills that go far beyond the lessons of "pure" project management. They can learn them by "Trial and error". 

Or, better, by professional education, which is our job.

These are the challenges that we help professionals meet:

The Customer Side

  • Here, project managers manage internal projects, but also engineer multi-tier Project Supply Networks (PSNs), often with many contractors involved.

    They make sure to receive VIP services for the money paid and that the supply network is agile and reliable.

Prime Contractors

  • Sandwiched between customers and subcontractors, prime contractors are at the same time vendors and buyers. This position can be satisfying and highly profitable.

    However, the combination of challenges comes with increased risks and requires well-prepared experts to be successful.

The Contractor Side

  • Here, project managers run profit centers. Their projects provide the income for their employer organizations.

    However, being profitable is not enough. Taking care of cash flow and the happy customer are other challenges.

Professional Certification

Excellence in Project Business begins with credibility: Customers wish to have the best contractors, and vendors want to win and perform valuable business.

While the parties perform the project together, the standing of the professionals in the cross-corporate setting and their shared understanding of terminology, tools, and techniques will save the day and often makes the difference between success and crisis.  

On both sides, certifications open doors, unify approaches and language, and signal fine professional repute.

We offer PMP, CAPM, and a number of agile certifications. Let's discuss which of them bring your organization the best value and how we help your people pass the exams.


Tools and Methods

We introduce your beginners to the methods of project management to level the playing field with the seasoned experts.

However, this is just the warm up for the "real" studies you need on topics such as:

  • Managing organizational relationships
  • Managing project business finances
  • Managing the contractual/legal aspects 

of project business management.


The Project Business Foundation

Oliver F. Lehmann has a secondary presence on the Internet as a not-for-profit initiative, the Project Business Foundation. Here, he provides a growing number of free assets for project managers in project business on customer or contractor side.

The Project Business Foundation helps organizations and individuals in Project Business Management. 

Learn more...

Project Business - Our Core Resources

Project Business Management

By Oliver F. Lehmann
ISBN:  9780367522070

The pioneering and seminal book on doing projects as businesses. 

It describes, based on real-life stories, the most common challenges that people and organizations involved are facing and recommends ways to meet them before they turn into crises.


The Project Business Study Book

By Project Business Foundation (under review, the download link will be made available soon).

This free study book is the entry gate to project business management. 

It focuses on roles, methods, and the overall process and is the basis for the Project Business Foundation's "Mastering Project Business" seminar.


The Project Business Glossary

By Project Business Foundation
Free  Access and Download

Unifying language in Project Business Management is the first step to avoid misunderstandings and improve the projects. We recommend to use the Project Business Glossary along the entire process from business development to final project contract close-out.


PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition

By Project Management Institute
ISBN: 9781628251845

The "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" is the standard resource and reference in project management. While it is mostly silent on specific matters of project business management, experts in this field should be familiar with project management methods approaches and methods.


PMBOK® Guide 7th Edition

By Project Management Institute
ISBN: 9781628256642

Published July 1, 2021, the 7th Edition of the "Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" does not replace the previous edition but augments it. The 6th Edition talks about methods, the 7th Edition about values and performance domains.


Situational Project Management - The Dynamics of Success and Failure

By Oliver F. Lehmann
ISBN: 9781498722612

There are no "best practices" in project management: The same practice that has been successful in one project situation may fail in another.

This book helps understand what practices a project manager should master and when he/she should apply them.