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PMP® Sample Questions and Self Tests


Free: PMP® (& CAPM®) Sample Test Questions for Your Preparation

A Secret for PMP Exam Success: Answering Tons of Free Sample Questions

Use these tons of free sample questions for your PMP® preparation to improve your exam success chances:

  • Gain routine in answering the type of questions used by Project Management Institute (PMI®)
  • Identify knowledge gaps and do further research or ask experts in the "I want to be a PMP®" online learning group.
  • Measure your degree of exam readiness.
Free Sample Questions for Your PMP Preparation (Mock Tests)
Further Help for PMP Preparation (Self-Study for Exam Candidates)
  • Study group in LinkedIn: I want to be a PMP®
    • Over 70,000 members
    • Among them many experts

  • First chapter of the seminar handout in English language and in German

  • Templates for letters to formally ask for or offer support of PMP credential qualification inside your organization
For Smartphone Users (Free App Versions, 30 Questions)

PMP Exam Preparation: Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows 8

There are also apps with CAPM questions:
iTunes Store      |     Google Play

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