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Project Business Management

Project Business Management (PBM)

The number of projects performed under contract is increasing, and the complexity of project supply networks (PSNs) is also growing. The topic is complex and the risks are high for all parties involved. We published a series of papers that can give a deeper understanding of some of its aspects.

To help project managers succeed in project environments characterized by complex PSNs, we develop project managers in Project Business Management, building on the skills needed for classical internal project management. They also need continuous consulting and coaching, particularly in times of conflicts and crises (see here for more details).

Our training, consulting and coaching program for Project Business Management considers all parties involved in projects under contract.

Based on more than 35 years of experience in international settings, we support project managers along the entire process from the preparation of the make-or-buy decision to final handover and acceptance. We provide four standard seminars and various customizable services to improve the commercial success with projects:

 Seminars:             Further support: 
  Introduction to PBM  2 days
  • Event speaking
  • Consulting, Coaching, & Mentoring
  • Certification
  • Development of corporate training programs
  Buyer-side PBM   2 days
  Seller-side PBM   2 days
  "Stuck-in-the-Middle" PBM   3 days

Please inquire for details:

Project management & business managementSeminar: An Introduction to PBM

Project business management (PBM) connects the two disciplines of project management and business management in order to ensure a "Mission success first" approach, based on "Completing over competing".

The seminar gives valuable insights into the mechanics and risks of day-by-day project business and is a primer for the in-deep seminars for more specific audiences (see further below).

Seminar duration:

2 days

Target audience:

  • Experienced project managers interested in further education
  • Project business managers (customer and/or contractor side)
  • Employees from project sales, procurement and external recruiting
  • Supervising managers in project business
  • Employees from project management offices (PMOs)
  • Freelancers
  • Trainers and Consultants

Benefits of participation:

  • Individuals:
    Improved understanding of the risks and opportunities of projects under contract for all parties
  • Organizations:
    Increased effectiveness and efficiency in contract projects

Seminar objectives:

  • Introducing participants to project business management
  • Expanding the competency profiles of project managers by adding project business knowledge

Excerpt from the seminar contents:

  • The Business process and roles in project business management (PBM)
  • Managing Project Supply Networks (PSNs)
  • Advantages and risks of doing projects as businesses
  • Contract types - benefits and disadvantages
  • Relational contracting
  • The survival rules of project business management
  • Successful completion of PBM projects


- Technical:      4
- Strategic & Business: 5
- Leadership 5
Total: 14

Please inquire for details:
(Enquiries from training providers are welcome)

Buyer-side PBM

Project business management for customers, our offerings:

½-1h speech for your corporate event.


2-days standard class focusing on "Successfull Management of Project Supply Networks (PSNs)".


Tailored training program for your specific needs


Coaching, mentoring, consulting

Seller-side Project Business Management

Seller-side PBM

Project business management for contractors, our offerings:

½-1h speech for your corporate event.


2-days standard class focusing on "Successful Management of Customer Projects".


Tailored training program for your specific needs.


Coaching, mentoring, consulting


"Stuck-in-the-Middle" PBM

Project business management for prime contractors

½-1h speech for your corporate event.


3-days standard class focusing on "Seminar: Business Success for Prime Contractors in Project Supply Networks".


Tailored training program for your specific needs.


Coaching, mentoring, consulting

Prime contractor Project Business management

Publications in Project Management World Journal, LinkedIn
Free Insights: Papers and Articles on Project Business Management
The Great Talent Gap In Project Business Management     A new survey confirms that Project Business Management (PBM) is a fast growing discipline in today’s reality of project management. It is nevertheless underrepresented in associations, literature, and education.
As the specific needs of project managers in customer-facing projects are so widely ignored, people have to develop their professional skills mostly based on trial and error. This is a costly approach that impacts the profitability of their employers as much as their own income...
June 2018
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Be the Project (Business) Manager that People Think You are and Get Paid as That!     Project managers in projects under contract need an additional skillset: Business acumen. Organizations need to help them develop that and should also be prepared to...
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Oct 2017
Leading Project Teams Across Corporate Borders   Project work is often handed over partially or in full to external vendors who can build complex Project supply networks (PSNs). Creating a “Mission Success First" culture based on a “Completing over Competing” approach is an essential element of skills to manage PSNs...
Nov 2017
Let’s Talk Money!   Based on a recent case of a defaulted project provider in the United Kingdom, the author recommends to put a stronger focus on profitability of customer projects, a topic that is rarely discussed in project management...
Feb 2018
Customer Projects: What is the Future of the Business?   Featured Paper in PM World Journal: A micro-survey on current trends in Make-or-buy decisions, that provides answers to the future of project business...
Feb 2017
An Introduction to a Typology of Projects   Typologies and with them classifications allow to better manage diversity. The typology on projects gives an entry into project business management, separating internal projects from customer projects...
Dec 2016
Project Business Management – the Forgotten Knowledge Area   Project business management includes two professional domains, that are both very much different from internal projects:
  1. Managing projects for paying customers under contract
  2. Managing complex and dynamic project supply networks (PSNs)...
Jul 2017
Project Supply Networks (PSNs)   A general tendency can be observed in project management that more work is contracted out to vendors and service providers, leading to project supply networks (PSNs), that are growing in number, size and complexity, and that are often opaque and very dynamic...
Aug 2017
Managing Portfolios and Programs in Project Business Management   Portfolio management and program management are two implementations of multi-project management. Their description commonly ignores commercial aspects that sit at the core of project business management (PBM)...
Sep 2017
Freebie Projects and The Project Business Management Office (PBMO)   Project business management is high risk business for all parties involved. For organizations performing projects for paying customers, a very central area of uncertainty is profitability from one or more projects. A second one is liquidity, and on top of that, the customer must be satisfied. For a portfolio of projects, a Project Business Management Office (PBMO) can be beneficial to meet these goals...
Dec 2017
Project Business Management and the New World Disorder   Trying to understand the dynamics of success and failure in PSNs, I noticed that we must understand how this "New World Disorder" will impact our work with international PSNs as customers and contractors. The disorder is already disrupting existing connections by placing borders between countries, where people, goods and services could flow easily before...
Jan. 2018
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