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Profitability for Prime Contractors


Hauptauftragnehmer im projekt zwischen kunde und Unterlieferant

Successful Project Business Between Customer and Subcontractors

Project managers at prime contractors (general contractors, main contractors) must reconcile the needs of customers and subcontractors without ignoring their own.

In the robustly growing market of customer projects, driven by "Make-or-buy" decisions that are increasingly often answered choosing the "Buy" option, they are customers and contractors at the same time and have a focal responsibility for project success.

Project supply chains versus project supply networks

Project business is difficult and bears high risks. unresolved problems on both sides customer and subcontractor can drive the prime contractor into crisis.

All constitutent organizations in complex project supply networks (PSNs) must collaborate, but at the same time, each firm must protect itself from problems in the other firms, with which they are interconnected in a complex pattern of commercial, technical, and inter-personal dependencies. The central position of the prime contractor gives a lot of influence, but also an increased exposure to risk. Leeway between the contradicting demands of the other stakeholders can quickly become narrow, and the problems of the others turn into troubles for the own organization and the project.

Project managers can encounter these risks by using their business competency. This competency makes the company valuable for its contract partners and grades up the project managers in the own organization.

Based on more than three decades of experience and a lot of knowledge collected, we help making customer and contractor business more profitable and satisfying for all key stakeholders. We are adding project business management (PBM) competency to employees' already existing project management skills and knowldge.

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Business Training for Project Managers (Prime Contractor)

A professional Project Business Manager on prime contractor side has the the skills to induce changes in a troubled project to effectively reinstate the profitability of the project for the own organization and ensure the satisfaction of customer and sub-contractors.

This program expands the set of project management competencies with those needed to successfully manage a customer project under contract as a prime contractor.

The ability to mediate between customer and subcontractors is essential for the prime contractor. Diverse business interests and corporate cultures affect a number of mission-critical challenges. In international project supply networks (PSNs), this is amplified by differences in time zones, cultures and legal systems, whose effective meeting makes the difference between success and failure, but also between profit and loss.

Examples from reality show that project managers achieve the highest success in these situations, when they establish a "Mission Success First" culture together with the customer, own management and employees, and subcontractors, to ensure "Completing before competing" and jointly achieve project goals.

Particularly important aspects of our offering are avoidance of and response to crises, for which we present established approaches, but also new ones like benefit engineering and rolling award fee contracts.

Seminar: Business Success for Prime Contractors in Project Supply Networks

Seminar duration:

3 days

Target audience:

  • Experienced project managers interested in further education
  • Project business managers, who manage customer projects
  • Employees from project procurement and external recruiting
  • Employees from account management and bid/proposal managers
  • Supervising managers in project business
  • Employees from project management offices (PMOs)
  • Freelancers
  • Trainers and Consultants

Seminar objectives:

Improved management of customer projects in a prime contractor position. Solutions for the management of conflicts and crises.

Excerpt from the seminar contents:

  • The market for customer projects
  • Hit rates
  • The "Make-or-buy" decision
  • The "bid/no-bid" decision
  • Business process and roles in project business management (PBM)
  • Contract types - benefits and disadvantages
  • Waterfall, rolling wave and agile methods in projects under contract
  • Avoiding dilemma situations with "Mission Success First"
  • Conflict resolution, avoidance of crises
  • Contract management - national and international
  • Salvaging a PBM project from crisis
  • Successful completion of PBM projects


- Technical:      7
- Strategic & Business: 7
- Leadership 7
Total: 21
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  • For an evaluation of ways to increase hit rates and focus on lucrative business
  • For the development of an integrated strategy from business development over project management to post-project service management to increase the strategic and monetary value of this business
  • For approaches to resolve crises in projects under contract
  • For an individual proposal to improve project business management in your organization

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