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The PMP® Certification


The Gold Standard* in Project Management Certifications

PMP®: Project Management Professional

The PMP certification signals professionalism, experience, subject matter expertise. It ensures the affiliation to a network of almost 1 Million certified professionals in 209 countries** with unified methodological language and understanding.

* CIO Magazine, 07-2018
** Numbers per summer 2019

Letter templates to gain PMP prep support in your organization

The PMP certification is difficult to optain, unless the candidate gets the right support.Our Service Proposition

We actively support students beyond the professional training during exam application and preparation. We answer questions and help resolving problems that may turn up, using our experience in PMP preparation (since 2001) and our up-to-date knowledge as PMI insiders. We finally lead candidates to exam success.

Please inquire for details at or use our contact form.

The Value of Certification for Project Business Management

A core asset for...

The PMP certification enhances the subject matter authority of the person managing the project supply network (PSN).
The PMP certification helps corporations build confidence,  win the lucrative customer projects, and become well-paid contractors.
more... more...


Language Options

For German-speaking candidates, missing English skills are no obstacle. While the exam is done in English, students receive all necessary support to pass in German language:

- Translation of the classroom handout

- Translation of the PMBOK® Guide

- Translation of the examination

Please inquire for details:

Reasons for PMP Certification of Project Managers

The PMP credential is the most powerful signal of experience, knowledge, and professionalism of a project manager:

  1. It is globally appreciated and accepted.
  2. It is backed by Project Management Institute (PMI®), the global association of app. 500,000 project managers in 207 countries (per 07-2017).
  3. PMI ensures quality and fairness in the exam design, content, and delivery.
  4. The process to become PMP certified is an undertaking, which increases a person's ability to successfully lead and manage projects.
  5. The three letters “PMP” after a project manager's name give the person and the employing organization a strong business advantage at comparatively low costs.


How to Book Us as Trainers
The PMP Exam Preparation Class (5 days)

The PMP exam preparation class delivers 35 contact hours of project management education, typically in a 5 days, Monday to Friday, classroom setting.

It satisfies PMI's training requirement for exam eligibility and it is fine-tuned to give students a great learning experience and the best chances to pass the exam on the first attempt with a boost in proficiency and knowledge.

Target audience:

Experienced project managers, who meet PMI's prerequisites on practical experience(see below). 


English, German


  1. Public classes at training providers
  2. In-house/on-site in your organization (please enquire at:

Standard seminar schedule:

1st day:  10:00am - 05:30pm; 6.5h
  1. Warm-up, introduction of the attendees and the trainer
  2. Basics on PMI, the preparation process, and the exam application
  3. Lunch (1h)
  4. Grasping the PMBOK® Guide
2nd day:  09:00am - 05:30pm; 7.5h
  1. Initiating a project
  2. Lunch (1h)
  3. Planning a project
3rd day:  09:00am - 05:30pm; 7.5h
  1. Planning a project (cont'd)
  2. Lunch (1h)
  3. Planning a project (cont'd)
4th day:  09:00am - 05:30pm; 7.5h
  1. Executing a project
  2. Lunch (1h)
  3. Executing a project (cont'd)
5th day:  09:00am - 04:00pm; 6.0h
  1. Monitoring & controlling a project
  2. Lunch (1h)
  3. Closing a project
  4. The next steps after the seminar

Note: Seminar hours can be adapted to specific needs.

Please enquire for details:

Which Materials Support PMP Preparation Studies?

These will be the most important documents that help process the knowledge obtained in the seminar and finally pass the PMP exam:

Further recommendations:


Updates for Candidates: Changes in the PMP Exam

04-2019: PMI replaces the exam provider. Beginning on July 01, 2019, PMP candidates will do their exams in Pearson VUE testing locations, no more at Thomson Prometric. For candidates, the benefit is a much higher number and density of training locations, potentially saving time and costs for travelling.

As an example, Munich will have 13 testing centers instead of one.

01-2018: New exam version: On September 6, 2017, the new PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition has been published. It replaced the previous 5th Edition as a reference for the certification exam in March 2018.

The PMP seminar has been updated to the new exam version in January 2018.

Students prepared for the old version of the exam but taking the new version will receive free update help from us.

Please inquire for details:


Requirements for exam eligibility depend on the applicant's degree:


  Category 1 Category 2
Training 35 contact hours
(verified with the seminar certificate)
Minimum education attained High school degree
(or global equivalent)
Baccalaureate degree
(or global equivalent)
Minimum months in project management 60 months 36 months
Minimum number of hours leading and directing a project during these months
(requirement retired by PMI)

Maximum validation period prior to application 8 years 8 years

When applying online for a certification exam, candidates have to structure their experience in a certain way. Tasks of the following process groups have to have been executed in the past: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing — including leading and directing of project tasks.

In the case of an audit, meaning an assessment of the data made in the exam application by Project Management Institute (PMI), a contact person has to be named. This person can be a manager, a project sponsor / customer, or similar. See LinkedIn article "How to Make Your PMP Application Pass"

Please inquire for details:

Strategy for Studying


For the exam preparation (100 hrs are recommended) – attendance of a preparation seminar followed by mentored, self-directed learning has proven as a strategy. This means that exam applicants use literature, attend seminars, use sample questions, apps, and podcasts about the topic, among other things.

The image on the right shows a way to the certification exam that has been well-proven, including the recommended amount of time.

How Many Correct Answers Should be Aimed For in Sample Tests?

Collections of sample questions with a higher level of difficulty, where a majority of questions is not inspired only by contents of the PMBOK® Guide, but of other source literature as well, the target should be a result of 75% of correct answers. In some rather simple tests, meaning those that are tightly connected with the PMBOK® Guide, at least 82% should be answered correctly.

If these results are reached during the preparation process, the exam may likely be passed on the first try.

Then, the PMP certificate is awarded for a period of three years. After this time, it has to be renewed by showing evidence of certain activities―details can be found here.

Please inquire for details:

PMP Examen - Testcenter, das die Prüfung abnimmtPMP Examination Dates

There are no fixed dates for the PMP certification examination.

After receiving the "Letter of Eligibility" by Project Management Institute, candidates can book individual appointments for the exam on PMI's website or directly with the exam-hosting company Prometric.

The photo shows a testing center.

Sample Letters for Download

Download sample letters to help you convince others of the advantages of certification.

Contact us:
  • For an assessment of your opportunities to improve your certification portfolio
  • For information on upcoming public seminars or holding company seminars upon request
  • For general help and support with getting the certifications that are right for you

Please send any enquiries to or use our contact form.

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