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This is the place to find publications and lecture presentations on project management and Connective Leadership. All are in English language if not otherwise marked, and all that can be downloaded are in PDF format.

    • Project management and PMI
      • tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/book.jpgBook Situational Project Management: The Dynamics of Success and Failure - download press release

      • Series of articles on LinkedIn on project management topics and PDU collection
      • Series of articles called “The Mechanics of Success and Failure” in the PMI Southern Germany Chapter e.V. newsletters

        Thumbnail Newsletter 08-1408/2014: „The Manager Who Commanded the Sun“- How easy (project) managers can overestimate their own influence on success and failure [more, page 9]
        Thumbnail Newsletter 07-1407/2014: „More Critical Than The Critical Path?“- Availability of project resources often has more influence on the project duration than the formalism of the critical path [more, page 7]
        Thumbnail Newsletter 06-1406/2014: „Are You Fit For Global Contracting?“- Complex supplier networks that expand over different legal systems are posing challenges to project managers unknown before [more, page 6]
        Thumbnail Newsletter 05-1405/2014: „Frog Kings and the Two Ways of Learning“- Single loop and double loop Learning, plus: Managers living in "old times were wishes still came true" [more, page 6]
        tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/thumbnails/thumbnail_newsletter0414.jpg04/2014: "Operations And Projects Revisited" - How projects are different from operations in many aspects, and where the line between these two should be drawn [more, page 11]
        Thumbnail PMI Muc Live 03-201403/2014: "Dear PMO, Don't Push When it Says Pull" - The meaning and consequences that different approaches by the PMO of an organization can have, including real-life example [more, page 6]
        tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/thumbnails/thumbnail_newsletter0214.JPG02/2014: "Change Request Management Between Doom And Boom" - How change request management can help guide a project out of a crisis and, badly managed, is among the top reasons that projects get derailed [more, page 7]
        tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/thumbnails/thumbnail_newsletter0114.JPG01/2014: "Grievance Circles" - Which methods do project managers come up with when the projects they run seem to be running into trouble? [more, page 9]
        tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/thumbnails/thumbnail_newsletter1213.JPG12/2013: "The Boon And Bane Of Leaderless Organizations - And Projects" - Thoughts about that new management hype, and what's really behind it [more, page 5]
        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 11/201311/2013: "Death In The Kick-Off Meeting" - Why the confusion different kinds of meetings in project management can have serious consequences [more, page 9]

        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 10/201310/2013: "Virtual Teams And Virtual Giants" - About the pitfalls and opportunities virtual teamwork and collocation offer [more, page 7]
        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 09/201309/2013: “When You Only Have One Shot” – Read what is special about projects such as the market introduction of smartphones [more, page 7]
        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 08/201308/2013: “Project Management and the Curse of Poor Documentation” –  Find out what can happen if documentation is neglected in a project [more, page 6]

        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 07/201307/2013: “The Golden Gate” – Stories about what happened behind the scenes when the world's probably most famous bridge was built [more, page 8]

        PMI Munich Chapter e.V. Newsletter 06/201306/2013: “A Project Proposal to a Queen – Project Management in the 15th Century” – What made Christopherus Columbus a project manager of his time - and the serious consequences of some of his decisions on world history [more, page 10]
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