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Project Business Management


Project Business Management

The number of projects performed under contract is increasing, and the complexity of project supply networks is also growing (see paper on the future of this market).

To succeed in complex supply networks, project managers should be trained in Project Business Management in addition to the skills needed for classical internal project management. They also need continuous consulting and coaching.

Our training, consulting and coaching program for Project Business Management focuses on both sides of the contract.

Based on more than 35 years of experience in international settings, we support project managers along the entire process, from the preparation of the make-or-buy decision to final handover and acceptance.


Project Managers on Contractor Side:
Project Managers on Customer Side:
Contact us:
  • For an assessment of your opportunities to improve collaboration with your contractors or to increase your hit-rates as a supplier organization
  • For the development of a strategy to exploit these opportunities
  • For an offer to improve your Project Business Management as a contractor or customer organization, tailored to you

Please send any enquiries to or use our


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