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The PMP® Certification

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, philosopher

PMI: Project Management Institute. Issuer of the PMP certification (See:
PMP: Project Management Professional. Certification for experienced project managers.

Free downloads

Mein Handout für das PMP-Vorbereitungsseminar (je nach Trainingsanbieter sind Abweichungen im Erscheinungsbild möglich)
App. 600 pages thick: My handout for the seminar on PMP preparation (depending on the training provider, appearance may vary)

Seminar handout (Intro)

The first chapters of my seminar handout describes the application, preparation and examination process. In addition, you will find interesting details on PMI, the Project Management Institute, and the PMP certification.


PMP® Certification in Project Management

Considerations on certification

Many people find themselves confronted with the question: Why strive for a certification in the first place? You will find several good reasons right here.

For you as an individual:

  1. A certification is an acknowledgement of your abilities and knowledge.
  2. It represents your commitment and your dedication to your profession, as well as your commitment to uphold your ethical values in that respect.
  3. It shows that you have already gathered experience in that field, which is a prerequisite to be admitted to the exam.
  4. Throughout the intensive preparation period that a certification exam requires, you are able to deepen and expand your knowledge.
  5. A certification profoundly enhances your career opportunities and often comes along with new tasks that include more responsibility. This increases your self-esteem and appreciation by others, also relating to your position in situations such as meetings.
  6. After a certification, you belong to a community of people that all have the same goal: To advance their profession and support each other with that purpose.
  7. After all, a certification might open new salary opportunities.

For your organization:

  1. Certified employees increase an organization's value. Therefore, many organizations will help you on your way to a certification in your area.
  2. Your organization can benefit profoundly by the knowledge and abilities you will gather during your preparation: Experience shows that, on average, your value for the organization during that time quickly rises by 25%. The investment in you therefore pays back within a short amount of time, for example because the organization will then receive more interesting orders by third parties and will be able to fulfil them more efficiently.
  3. Products, processes, and lastly organizations themselves can be certified as well. This way, an organization's reputation and value are increased, as well as each certified employee.

PMP certification is a piece in the puzzle of professionalism of a project manager.

PMP certification is a piece in the puzzle of professionalism of a project manager.

And what, specifically, makes Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional (PMP) certification recommendable? Many reasons can be named here, as well:

  1. Project Management Institute (PMI), the association offering the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate, is the largest international professional association by project management experts.
  2. The PMP certification has existed in the USA since 1984. When PMI decided in 1998 to offer it internationally, there has been a continuous growth in certified individuals, which is still persisting.
  3. The process for the PMP certificate follows the ISO/IEC 17024 standard. PMI also strives to ensure a high level of quality in the exam development process.
  4. A PMP certificate shows that skills and knowledge related to the management of project teams and the attainment of project objectives within required limits for money, time, and resources have been proven.
  5. On your way towards being a professionally acting project manager, you cover various steps (see image)―the PMP exam is a very helpful companion in the last stage.The PMP certification is directed toward experienced project managers.
    The PMP certification is directed toward experienced project managers.