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Managing Project Supply Networks

Contractor managementMission Success First: Resolving Conflicts, Aligning Contractors

Project managers working in projects under contract on customer side need to be trained in Project Business Management in addition to classical internal project management topics. They also need continuous consulting and coaching.

Project management will not be enough for them any more in the increasingly complex supply networks of today. They require training in the business aspects and in the creation of a "mission success first" culture across the supply network.

Business Training and Coaching for Project Managers on Customer Side

This program helps project managers to deal with complex supply networks.

Contracting out project work enables companies to access other companies' assets and resources, but it also comes with new risk. Diverging business interests, company cultures, and legal systems in case of international contracts pose new challenges. It is the duty of the project manager(s) in this scenario to create a "mission success first" culture together with employees and contractors in order to reach project goals together.

Our Service — What We Offer:
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Coaching

For a good negotiation position with contractors, it can help to look into project management certifications.

Specific Program Contents:
  • The business process in an outsourced project
  • Business development and realization
  • "Completing vs. competing"
  • Advanced methods for conflict resolution
  • Avoiding crises
  • Stakeholder management (how to deal with participating and affected people) in the outsourced project
  • Basic questions around contracting in international supply networks
  • Rescuing projects in crises using benefit engineering
  • Completing projects with satisfied stakeholders
Contact us:
  • For an assessment of your opportunities to improve collaboration with your contractors
  • For the development of a strategy to exploit these opportunities
  • For an offer to improve your Project Business Management as a customer organization, tailored to you

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