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Coached Online PMP Preparation

Coached Online PMP Preparation

In collaboration with Cornelius Fichtner (OSP International LLC), owner of "PM Prepcast":

Cornelius Fichtner's PM PrepCast is probably the best established trademark in online PMP exam preparation. We joined forces to develop an offer for organizations that brings together Cornelius' competency in self-directed digital learning with our experience in personally guided training.

This is an alternative way for organizations to help their employees prepare for the PMP exam in an online setting with a mix of digital learning and trainer-led sessions. This offer combines the time-flexibility of self-directed online learning with the individual and situational guidance that a series of live-sessions with a trainer can provide. It is recommended for groups between 4 and 12 students.

The PMP certification is difficult to optain, unless the candidate gets the right support.Our Service Proposition

We actively support students beyond the professional training through their exam application and preparation. We answer questions and help resolving problems that students may face, using our experience in PMP preparation (since 2001) and our up-to-date knowledge as PMI insiders. We finally lead candidates to exam success.

Please inquire for details at or use our contact form.

Language Options

We help German-speaking certification exam candidates deal with issues from having to master an English-speaking exam. Students receive all the necessary support to pass an exam in a language that is not their own, and to better understand certain culture-specific concepts such as the different legal systems that came into play during exam design.

This seminar is delivered in English, which makes basic English skills necessary that enable students to understand situational questions. However, special terms and phrases that are rarely used in normal life but are common in exam questions will be explained to the students.

Please inquire for details:

Reasons to Gain PMP Certification

The PMP credential is the most powerful signal of experience, knowledge, and professionalism of a project manager:

  1. It is globally valued and accepted.
  2. It is backed by Project Management Institute (PMI®), the global association representing approximately 500,000 project managers in 207 countries (as at 07-2017).
  3. PMI ensures quality and fairness in the exam design, content, and delivery.
  4. The process to become PMP certified is robust, which increases a person's ability to successfully lead and manage projects.
  5. The three letters “PMP” after a project manager's name give the individual and their employer a strong business advantage at comparatively low costs.


How to Book this Service
The Coach-Led PMP Online Exam Preparation

The online PMP exam preparation delivers 35 contact hours of project management education as required by PMI for the PMP eligilibility criteria. Students will actually get more than 35 hours of training and support, but they will be able to submit their PMP application when they reach 35 hours.

The program is fine-tuned to give students a positive learning experience and the best chances of passing the exam on the first attempt with a boost in proficiency and knowledge. Exam success depends on the willingness of the candidate to learn in a self-directed manner.

Target audience:

Experienced project managers, who meet PMI's prerequisites for practical experience (see here).


English, German


  1. Group training for 4 to 12 participants per group
  2. Ordering and invoicing via the employer

Note: Seminar hours can be adapted to specific needs.

Seminar Blocks (Self-Directed & Trainer-Led)













90 min.




Organizational influences and project life cycle


90 min.




Project management processes


90 min.




Project integration management


90 min.




Project scope management


90 min.




Project time management


90 min.




Project cost management


90 min.




Project quality management


90 min.




Project human resource management


90 min.




Project communications management


90 min.




Project risk management


90 min.




Project procurement management


90 min.




Project stakeholder management


90 min.




Exam review 1 – Q & As


120 min.




Exam review 2 – Q & As


120 min.


2018 Changes in the Exam

On September 6, 2017, the new PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition replaced the 5th Edition as a reference. The certification exam will be renewed accordingly in early 2018.

You can be confident that the PMP seminar will always be up-to-date and reflect the current version of the PMBOK® Guide. The seminar will be updated in advance of the exam changes so students are fully prepared for the new exam. Any PMP certification obtained until the exam actually changes will remain valid after the changes.

Students who prepared for the old version of the exam but find themselves taking the new version will receive free help from us to make the transition to the new guidance.

Contact us:
  • For an assessment of opportunities to improve your certification portfolio, either as an individual or on behalf of an organization
  • For information on upcoming public seminars
  • For information on holding company seminars
  • For general help and support with getting the certifications that are right for you

Please send any enquiries to or use our Contact form.

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