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Getting Certififed

Why Getting Certified?

Many people ask themselves: Why do I need a certification in the first place? There are many good reasons to become a certification exam aspirant and make it happen—you will find several of them listed on this page.

For you as an individual
  1. A certification is a recognition of your skills and knowledge.
  2. It represents your commitment and readiness to stand up for your profession and uphold your professional ethics.
  3. It signals that you have already collected some experience and/or knowledge in the area - this being an essential requirement for passing the exam, and in some cases for exam eligibility.
  4. By preparing yourself thoroughly for the exam, you deepen and expand already present knowledge.
  5. A certification will improve your career opportunities significantly and can often result in tasks with higher responsibility. This way, your self-esteem is increased, and so is your recognition by others, also regarding your position in meetings and similar situations.
  6. After a certification you are part of a community of people who all have the same goal: Advance their own profession and support each other in this task.
  7. Last but not least, a certification can open up new salary opportunities.
For your organization
  1. Certified employees increase the value of an organization. This is why most organizations will support you in your goal to get certified in your area of expertise.
  2. Your organization can benefit from the skills and knowledge you gain during your preparation: From experience, your value for the organization will increase by 25% on average within a very short amount of time. Their investment in you will therefore pay off soon, for example when they get more interesting assignments by third parties and are able to complete these more successfully.
    (For more see Project Business Management)
  3. Products, processes, and organizations themselves can be certified. This increases the reputation and value of an organization as much as each certified employee does.
We offer training and support
For preparation of the following certification exams:

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