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Getting Certififed

Why Certification?

If you work in projects, the business case for professional certification is easily described:

  • Certification increases the value of employees for the organization, and it does that on a massive scale.
  • A certification opens doors that are locked for others.
  • Certification is the form of professional education that is most directly linked with the current work.
  • Certified project managers are members of a "club" of project managers, who apply the same practices and terminology.

  • In customer projects: Certified project managers help winning the profitable business.

Das PMP-Examen ist schwierig, aber mit professioneller Hilfe machbar. Our Service Proposition

We actively attend students beyond the professional training during exam application and preparation. We answer questions and help resolving problems that may turn up. We accompany and consult students until final exam success. Contact

For Individuals
  1. Certification is an independent recognition of your abilities and knowledge.
  2. It signals your experience and professionality.
  3. The intensive preparation for the exam deepens and expands your knowledge.
  4. Certification improves your career chances and salary opportunities.
For Organizations
  1. Project managers with certifications increase a company's value.
  2. The exam preparation increases professional effectivity.
  3. Companies performing customer projects can win the more lucrative bids with more ease.
  4. In internal projects, certified project managers gain a better standing and authority.


Certification of Teams as a Managed Service

You need certification of a team of project managers on fast track, e.g. to win a customer project.

In this situation, you need more than training. You need active project management for your qualification endeavor, leading your employees in a swift, silent and effective manner to exam success.

For such cases, we offer our Managed Services for Certification. Let us discuss in a personal setting, how we can help zou achieve the goal.


Our Training


  • Project Management Professional
  • Target group: Experienced project managers
  • Issued by: Project Management Institute (PMI®)


  • PMI Certified Agile Practitioner
  • Target group: Agile project managers and practitioners, agile coaches
  • Issued by: Project Management Institute (PMI®)


  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Target group: Project management beginners
  • Issued by: Project Management Institute (PMI®)


  • Professional Scrum Master
  • Target group: Agile practitioners and coaches
  • Issued by:
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