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June 17th, 2014, 6pm: Presentation at Emendis
"I want to become a certified project management expert by PMI. What do I have to do?"
In this talk, Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, will speak about what it takes to be eligible for an exam. He will explain the application, preparation, and examination processes, as well as financial aspects of certification. The presentation will take place at Emendis GmbH, Glockenhofstrasse 47 in Nuremberg.


New article called "Dear PMO, Don't Push When it Says Pull" published in issue 03-2014 of the PMI Munich Chapter magazine "PMI Muc Live" [more...]


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This is where you will find public seminar dates for PMP examination preparation. Please follow[more...]

tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/frau.pngPMP Examination Preparation Over 3,000 Sample Questions

A crucial means for success in the exam are "tons of exam questions". That way, you can identify knowledge gaps, gain routine in answering and whether you are ready for the exam. [more...]

PMP training partners worldwide

National and International PMP Partners

Trainer colleagues and Training providers I enjoy working with. Based on the needs of national and global customers, we build strong teams... [more...]

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Many people find themselves confronted with the question: Why strive for a certification in the first place? You will find several good reasons right here. [mehr...]

tl_files/oliverlehmann/media/img/connect_leadership_kl.pngConnective Leadership

Since 1984, US professor Jean Lipman-Blumen has been developing her theory on Connective Leadership and the nine Achieving Styles connected to it [more...]

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This is the place to find publications and lecture presentations on project management and Connective Leadership. [more...]

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As the President of the PMI Munich Chapter e.V., the non-profit community of project managers for Southern Germany and the most direct route here to PMI, PMBOK® Guide and the PMP certification, I'd like to encourage you to join and become part of PMI's incredibkle success story. [more...]